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Dear Santa with Spellbinders

Hi friends!

Well, it's Christmas Eve and Santa is on his way.

You know, this time of year can be wonderful for some and absolutely horrid for others. I have lived on both ends of this spectrum. When I was young, Christmas was a very scary time for me as Im afraid my parents should not have been allowed to be near children. Thats all I am going to say on this, but please remember those that suffer during these times and try send out love and warmth into the world if you can.

My cards today are the official cards of the season that I have sent to my children. I try to make two cards that are very special for them every year. My children and I absolutely love this time of year because after my bad upbringing, I was determined my children would feel love, security and happiness especially at Christmastime. I think my hubby thinks I am crazy because I try to think of everything I possibly can. Oh, and Christmas tunes play all month long! hahahahaha.

When I saw this die set from Spellbinders I love it!....You can not get any more festive than an image of Santa's boots coming down the chimney!

If I remember rightly, this was one of the die sets from the Spellbinders Monthly Kits. Not sure if they will be releasing it in the future as a stand alone die for everyone to purchase.

Well, I want to thank you for all the support and love I have received over the last year, especially over on Instagram.

let's look forward to 2022 and hope its a brighter, prosperous and social one!!1

Bye for now, and Merry Christmas!


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I'm Cheryl

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