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Pinkfresh Studio | Slimline Stamp Storage Solution

Hi Pinkfresh Studio friends

Today's I am up on the Pinkfresh Studio blogpost sharing a storage solution for the Pinkfresh Studio slimline stamps, dies, stencils and washi tape collections. I have a lot of these sets and I am also a bit of a neat freak so, a durable storage solution was on the top of my list.

These slimline storage pockets are unique because they need to be 12" tall to cover the stamp set completely. They are 5 1/2" wide which allows plenty of room for the stamp, dies and stencils.

Supplies needed:

  • 9" x 12" durable vinyl envelopes (I use the ones by Avery)

  • tape measure,

  • pen

  • ruler,

  • craft knife

  • 1/4"double sided sticky tape (I use the red tape as it's so strong and invisible

  • clear CD/DVD envelopes

  • wide double sided sticky tape.


  • Measure 5 1/2" across and mark at three points.

  • Lay your ruler from top to the bottom of the vinyl envelope, where you have marked the points.

  • Press on the ruler and cut along the edge of the ruler joining the marked dots (do this very carefully, as your craft knife will be very sharp). Discard the smaller piece.

  • Add the 1/4" double sided tape on the inside of the long edge. Peel off the red tape and seal the side of the slimline storage pocket.

  • Take one vinyl CD/DVD case and add some wide double sided tape. Peel off the mask layer, the place the sticky side down on the back bottom of the already prepared slimline storage pocket.

  • Voila!!

I have also made a reel for Pinkfresh Studio that shows all these steps in action, so make sure you take a look. Sometimes it is helpful to have a visual demonstration.

These slimline storage pockets are so durable and sturdy and come together so quickly. Hopefully, you will find them a big asset in your crafting space.

Happy crafting friends...until next time!


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