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Hot Foil Plate by Pinkfresh Studio

Hi crafty friends!

Heather Hoffman who works with Pinkfresh Studio tells a story of how she thought it was such a waste when she did hot foiling and had the negative remnants left over. That thought sent her and Pinkfresh Studio on a journey to create a hot foil plate that could be used with these negative foil remnants.

I have released a short video today, showing what the negative foil remnants can turn into when you use this fabulous new solid hot foil plate!

Check out the Pinkfresh Studio video on You Tube because Heather demonstrates the solid hot plate in full! She also helps you with the sandwich for each machine, because as you probably know by now, all machines can require their own adjustments to the basic sandwich formula.

I hope you enjoy the video and you feel inspired! Check out my link below.



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